Monday, February 5, 2018


In an effort to consolidate my social media efforts for promoting Eyes of Ligeia and Misdreamt, I'm planning to route it through . Since music, the esoteric, my interest in minimalism, and whatever other topics move me enough to feel the need to comment, are all interrelated at a deep level, it makes sense to put them in a single location.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Sidereal Messenger

After a long period of silence since the announcement of its Remanifestation, the first Eyes of Ligeia release in 9 years is finally released!

Continuing in the style of 2004's What the Moon Brings, 2015's The Sidereal Messenger continues with the themes of Starry Wisdom, the influence of H.P. Lovecraft, and an updated take on the same ethereal atmosphere that called the "brooding sounds of decay and eternal night".

Track Listing:

1. Coruscations of the Daemon-Light (10:43)
2. The Going Forth of Sothis (13:40)
3. The Sidereal Messenger (09:59)
4. Through Angles Mirrored With Thoughts (12:58)
5. Descending Node Incantation (07:52)

Available at on CD and via download.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Eyes of Ligeia remanifests

After a 6+ year hiatus, I've began making new music that I intend to release as Eyes of Ligeia, continuing somewhat in the atmospheric doom (with touches of black metal) style of 2004's What the Moon Brings. (Excellent reviews of that CD can be read at and To this style I am adding some of the electro-acoustic ambience from my Misdreamt project which has been where most of my musical output has come from the last 2-3 years (more at

Why now? The first Misdreamt CD was very much in the EoL style but with all the metal elements stripped out. The second CD went much further into experimental dark ambient territory. When I started working on material for the third Misdreamt CD the songs were becoming much more in the style of What the Moon Brings, and it felt like it was now time to embrace that style more fully and pick up where Eyes of Ligeia left off. I came to have more to say musically and lyrically that only fit with the Eyes of Ligeia concept.

As part of relaunching EoL, What the Moon Brings has been re-released (digital only for now) on Bandcamp (at

I am currently working on a new EoL demo, which will be shopped around to appropriate labels (or self-released through Bandcamp if that doesn't work out, but given the past level of name recognition I am hopeful that a suitable label can be found).

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A few updates

Apophenia has been out for a little more than three months now digitally, and about two months as a physical CD. The limited edition CD-R (with hand drawn inserts) is sold out.   A bunch of review copies have been sent out, and I hope to have the results of those soon...

In other news, my 2004 release under the banner of my former project Eyes of Ligeia has finally been released on Bandcamp.

Of all the things I've ever released (and trust, my there have been a lot under various names over last 15 years), this is still my favorite, and is the release I compare all my others too.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Apophenia now available

The new Misdreamt CD is now available!

Bandcamp link for listening/purchasing

Apophenia is based on manipulated sounds (static, voices, field recordings) combined with minimalist guitar and percussion.

"Any fact becomes important when it is connected to another." - Umberto Eco

All sentient beings look for patterns in their environment; when the mind looks too deeply into phenomena that otherwise have no meaning, it can project voices onto static, a face onto the surface of Mars, or its innermost fears onto an otherwise random collection of ink blots. The line between meaning and nothingness is as fleeting as our own self-awareness.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Connected? events on July 2, cover/inserts and song titles revealed

On July 2, the new Misdreamt CD, Apophenia -or- The Final Static That Can Never Be Removed, will be released digitally (via Bandcamp), and in a limited edition hand-drawn CD version. There will be a more widely available physical release soon after.

There is a personal significance for July 2, important to reconciling patterns in my own life, that I will not go into here.  But, while researching other events that took place on that date, the following came to light:

- July 2, 1897: Guglielmo Marconi receives a patent for radio.  While Nikola Tesla is later retroactively acknowledged as radio's inventor (primarily due to the fact that Marconi's work was critically dependent on more than a dozen patents that Tesla held), Marconi received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work.  Radio receivers are one way that Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) can be recorded, and EVP plays a major role in this Misdreamt release.

- July 2, 1877: Author Hermann Hesse is born.  Hesse's novel The Glass Bead Game (cited in his 1948 award of the Nobel Prize for Literature) is a notable among other things for its titular Game, a means of reconciling seeming disparate fields of knowledge, and finding the patterns that tie them together in both individuals and in the greater stream of history.

- July 2, 1566: Nostradamus dies. Predictions and prognostications, where they have any validity at all, are an expert reading of the patterns that shape events. That being said, it is much easier to predict retroactively than it is in advance.  As Umberto Eco wrote in Foucault's Pendulum, "Any fact becomes important when it is connected to another."

The track listing for Apophenia will be as follows:

1. The Weight of Dreams Against the Harsh Wisdom of the World (part I)
2. The Weight of Dreams ... (part II)
3. The Weight of Dreams ... (part III)
4. The Weight of Dreams ... (part IV)
5. Where Whispers Stayed Forever
6. Contemplation of the Dust
7. Diving Into the Stars
8. Shadows Remain (part I)
9. Shadows Remain (part II)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Mystery of Apophenia

[ This is the first in a series of posts about Apophenia in its various forms, in preparation for my upcoming CD based on this phenomenon (to be released digitally on July 2) ]

I recently read of supposed images of Jesus in stains on the floor at the Phoenix airport. This post was inspired by that curious occurrence.

All sentient beings look for patterns in their environment.

When you add a high degree of intelligence to the mix, you've also got Runa (Old Norse term for pursuit of the Mysterious) to contend with, which leads to a desire to make sense of the potential
patterns around you in a way far beyond just that necessary for survival.

The general term for this phenomenon is apophenia.  This can be applied to seeing the Divine Elvis in your burnt toast, "hearing" the phone ring while you're in the shower, seeing a face on Mars, hearing the voices of the dead in radio static, or pick your favorite conspiracy theory.

The images you see are greatly influenced by your host culture. If you come from a place where Christianity is the default religion, then your subconscious pattern making (along with your unexplained and mystical experiences) will lo and behold contain images of Jesus, angels, etc.

I doubt the people seeing Jesus in the floor woke up that morning with that task on their todo list. But when the mind wanders (remaining sane in an airport these days takes constant effort), the
subconscious necessity for interpreting the possible patterns in your environment takes hold.

Personally, I'm more concerned with the causal principles (such as isolate intelligence) behind "gods" rather than any particular subtle deity representations of them. I still enjoy seeking out hidden representations of or references to various gods (especially in Egyptian art, where such
multi-level representative practices are commonplace); but, this is different from assuming a random smudge is somehow a secret message only for those who can see (or worse yet, sent by God to convert the non-believer).

Using pattern recognition to your advantage is a handy skill.  By applying discernment, you can use the patterns that seem to call to you as tools for reflection, and can even create patterns for yourself and others.  This is a key evolving your world as a side effect of evolving yourself mindfully.

I think some of the tendency toward "seeing" a random face and assuming it is Jesus depends on where you think the source of Mystery comes from.  If you think that mysterious and hidden things are a way to know "God", then you would tend to interpret your encounters with the mysterious in such terms.  If you take the approach that the pull of Runa, tempered by the pursuit of self-knowledge and increased access to Being, is more of a tool for learning about yourSelf than about anything external, then not only are you likely to "see" different things in spots on the floor, you're also much more likely to place such encounters in a context that leads to self-transformation.

(One of my favorite shirts, which I wore until it fell apart, was from a series of "interesting" oil slicks photographed by Tom Waits at various tour stops over the years.  Some of them looked like particular things if you stared at them long enough [sort of like finding animal shapes in clouds, which I always enjoy playing with my partner's young daughters]; but most of them just looked like oil slicks until you wanted them to look like something else. I never could find Jesus though, or for that matter, Elvis.)