Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New horizons

The newest Saturnin Sektor CD called Unreal City, was recently released in a limited edition, hand-sigiled version being distributed mainly to friends and colleagues. I'll be exploring wider-range distribution options after the beginning of the new year.

The details for the Faust (1926) soundtrack performance are closer to being firmed up. I hope to announce something definite soon. Some samples of what has been done so far are still up at youtube.com/obversemusic in the meantime.

Finally, I have finally launched something from a new project which has been in the works for a while. In 2004 I released what is still my favorite CD among the 16 (!) I have done since 1999: the Eyes of Ligeia CD, What the Moon Brings. That CD, while ostensibly an atmospheric doom metal CD, is one of the more unique styles I created; in the 6 years since, neither I nor anyone else who has heard it has been able to identify anything else that sounds even close.

I decided in the last year to revisit that aesthetic somehow, after beginning to write some guitar parts in a similar vein. However, I absolutely did not want it to be a metal CD of any kind (having by and large moved beyond that in terms of what music I want to create and be known for). Luckily, the style of slow, arpeggiated and slightly dissonant guitar lines backed with simple percussion and ethereal soundscapes, can be transported in other directions as well.

My first inclination was to use the name What the Moon Brings to honor this lineage, but in addition to seeming a little "wordy" this also sounds little too "black metal".

After exploring other options, I finally settled on the name Misdreamt. It is ambiguous and obscure, not too suggestive (to me at least) of a metal or emo or goth band, and succinct (and spellable :-) enough to be memorable.

The first entry from this project, a demo of a piece called "Descending Node Incantation", has been published. The place for samples from both Misdreamt and Saturnin Sektor is: reverbnation.com/motiondemon

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