Monday, June 20, 2011

new Saturnin Sektor tracks on Bandcamp

Two new tracks have been posted to the Bandcamp page for Saturnin Sektor.

This piece was created for Robert Scott Thompson's advanced computer music class at Georgia State University in Spring 2009. The source recordings are from T.S. Eliot himself reading his classic work The Waste Land, edited and manipulated to have a more compact story line and showcasing various ways of processing sound to make use of space. The Bandcamp release of this track is the public debut for it.

This piece appears on the 23 Seconds ov Time compilation (vol. 2). The source material is from field recordings made at an abandoned recycling plant in Atlanta, GA in late December 2010. This is a preview of a larger work (likely also to be called Remanifestations) that is in progress. For more info on one of the inspirations behind the conception of this work, read this essay on the idea of Remanifest from one of its primary exponents.

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