Sunday, August 14, 2011

Upcoming projects

While most of my attention at the moment is on preparing for a Misdreamt show in September, I have still been putting some thought toward my projects for the near future.

For Misdreamt, I have already recorded one new song, and this will likely be the beginning of the next CD. I dislike making definite deadlines for creative endeavors whenever possible, and this is no exception. I'll say in general terms that I expect to make some major progress on this before the end of the year.

My long-suffering black/thrash project, Sender of Nightmares, has finally been released. While I love the music (and am proud of the level of development it reached over the [for some songs] 8+ years it took to refine!), I am glad to finally have it out of the way so I can move on musically. My interest in metal as listener and especially musician has waned a lot over the last several years, and this isn't really the direction I want to go in or be known for at this point. But, I believe in the music strongly enough still to want it released.

The next release for Saturnin Sektor will be based on a series of modified field recordings I made in a visit to an abandoned recycling plant in southwest Atlanta back in December. The tentative title is Remanifestations. Again, no release date is promised, but I expect to make major progress on this before end of the year. A brief piece from the these recordings, made for the 23 Seconds ov Time Project can be heard at

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