Sunday, September 19, 2010

Current Projects

Currently, I have four different projects in various states of completion.

In no particular order:

1. Saturnin Sektor - Unreal City

The third Saturnin Sektor release has been a long time coming. The title track centerpiece needs a little bit of mastering work, but is mostly done. Unreal City is an imaginary landscape rendered into synesthesia, drawing from an unsettling walk through a city of imposing structures made real solely from the will of their inhabitants (and creators). Other vistas to be featured on this release are an audio record of the Grail quest, and a third piece which draws from the sound research of Berio.

2. Faust original soundtrack

This is by far my longest running project, and it's barely half over. Having gotten the premier of Act I out of the way, now I can get to work in earnest on the rest. Excerpts from the thus far completed parts can be found at

3. motiondemon

The genesis of this musical persona is a reworking of the seminal 2004 work by Eyes of Ligeia called What the Moon Brings. My intention is to rework the two best songs from that release, and adding newer works in the same atmospheric guitar style. Originally this successor projector was to take the name What the Moon Brings in homage, but that was abandoned as too long and too suggestive of being yet another black metal project (motiondemon is not to be considered metal at all, hence the need to avoid misleading impressions; motiondemon has more ambiguity to it, IMO).

4. Sender of Nightmares -The Awakening of That Which Dreamt Us

This is another work which has been to long in the creation, with the drums having been recorded in May of 2008(!). This black metal project is completely recorded and is now being mixed. The prospects for release and promotion are rather uncertain, but this music must be unleashed given the time put into it so far and the metaphysical imperative of its original existence. With this, it can finally be put to rest.

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