Monday, January 17, 2011

The debut from Misdreamt is now available

The debut release from Misdreamt, The Motion Demon, is now available digitally.

I was playing around with Reverb Nation for a while as a way to spread my music, but find it to be way too cluttered both visually and in terms of features I don't really care about.

It looks like Bandcamp has hit the reset button on this sort of thing, and gotten back to basics. In fact, it reminds me quite a bit of what the original was like before it sold out and then was shunned by a user base who felt betrayed.

So, for now Misdreamt will be available digitally. When I start getting shows lined up, I'll pursue some physical ones assuming I haven't gotten this picked up by a label for real distribution.

I'm also experimenting with "pay what you want" for some of the tracks, although set at a magically appropriate minimum of 44 cents per track. Others will not be available for individual download to encourage purchase of the entire album, itself set at $5.

This was another of those projects where I can't find the music I want to hear, so I have to create it instead. Hopefully others find it worthwhile too.

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