Monday, January 3, 2011

Significant progress on Misdreamt

My newest project Misdreamt (looped guitars, obscure percussion, and unsettling electro-acoustic ambience oozing from within) is coming closer to fruition.

The basic idea is to have the music prepared for release on its own, and to perform it live with abstract film in the background. At the moment about 35 minutes of music is ready, which is actually enough for a non-headlining set (finding suitable performance partners is one of the next bits of the puzzle). The film will be relatively simple, and repetitive, so it only remains to put some of my ideas onto virtual celluloid.

Now that I've done the hard part (music I'm willing to put my [pseudo-]name on ), this probably has to take a brief turn to the back seat while I finish up the Faust soundtrack (it is supposedly being performed at the beginning of next month, after all).

In the interim, I've uploaded excerpts from two of the songs (, an older song re-worked with this new aesthetic ["Polaris"]; and the first song written exclusively for this project ["Descending Node Incantation"]) to my ReverbNation page:

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