Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Updates, Dec. 2011

It has been way too long since I updated this blog... but that should not be taken as a sign of stagnation.

My tentative decision to retire the Saturnin Sektor moniker still stands, especially given my current musical directions. There will still be plenty of electronic and electro-acoustic experimentation in my future music, perhaps even entire CDs of it, but at this point there is really no reason to keep it in a separate project whose obscure name most people have trouble pronouncing anyway. Besides, the different musical styles I have worked with over the last several years are converging and this is probably the best general purpose container for them. (If it gets too convoluted to keep up with the styles prevalent on any given CD, I'll adopt something similar to Paul Chain's 'container' system for identifying them).

As far as that goes, I'm less interested in producing physical CDs these days. I will probably still do very limited editions for friends and ardent fans, but the CD as a distribution medium is not worth the time, investment and storage space. (See my other blog,, for more info about my general turn toward greatly minimizing my physical possessions and the changes in attitude and philosophy that entails). I am quite happy with Bandcamp as a distribution method, and they embody many of the minimalist philosophies for design and features that I find appealing these days.

I am currently working on a new CD. So far, it has been far more metallic in nature than I thought I'd ever do again, but I certainly don't think of it as a 'metal' CD. In particular, there are noticeable influences from djent and other rhythmically complex music. This, combined with the more repetitive aspects of the first Misdreamt CD, should make for an intriguing work.

As with all my artistic endeavors, I don't want to place a timeframe on it. I'd much rather let it unfold as it may, and not feel under pressure to release something before I am completely happy with it.

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  1. I do not speak English, but ... It's been a big surprise for me to find Toby Chappell's blog.

    I must say that only knew the Eyes of Ligeia work which has captivated me and I have become a big fan of yours.