Sunday, January 22, 2012

Equipment Upgrades

I've recently upgraded some of my equipment.

On the instrument front, I now have an Ovation classical guitar (with onboard pickup and preamp) which will help with reproducing the classical guitar parts of Misdreamt in a live setting. I picked up classical guitar again a few months back after too long of an absence, and have gotten serious enough about it now that I'll begin lessons again in soon with my old teacher.

On the amplification front, I am now a bit more portable than I was at the last few shows, albeit at the expense of no longer being able to plug directly into the house PA. It's a bit of a risk, I guess, but I've yet to encounter a venue where that was my only option; I prefer putting a mic on the amp anyway, since then my onstage sound more closely matches the house sound. The new toy (which I've owned one of before, actually), is a Peavey Vypyr 100 (2x12" speakers, lots of modeling options, etc.)

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