Monday, February 27, 2012

Two new sketches

I'm starting to work in earnest on the followup to the very well-received 2011 release from Misdreamt, The Motion Demon.

Though I don't normally post works-in-progress, I am pleased enough with the direction these demos are going in that I thought I'd make them available. They show the same elements that made The Motion Demon unique, with a further refinement of the sound.

Both are untitled for now.

The first one is comprised of several looped guitar parts. With the proper equipment, I could reproduce all the parts in a live setting; I am working on more pieces of this type, especially influenced by recent experiments from Cloudkicker. Link:

The second one is loosely based on a melody from my girlfriend. The overall aesthetic is influenced by the post-Hex sound of Earth, but still rendered with the signature Misdreamt sound. Link:

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