Thursday, October 25, 2012

Starting to see patterns

Basic recording is complete for what will now be part I of the next Misdreamt CD. Part I is called Apophenia - Or, The Final Static That Can Never Be Removed, and continues the style of the first Misdreamt release while stretching the basic elements into even wider spaces for developing the various themes. As I have been listening to the rough mixes of what has been recorded so far, combined with my current listening obsessions of ISIS' Wavering Radiant, and Cloudkicker's Fade, I've begun envisioning a very different expression of the same basic song elements to introduce more traditional percussion and heavier guitars. So, now there will be a companion release in this vein, with the tentative title of The Clustering Illusion. I long ago recognized a quirk in my writing style that I could fairly easily adopt the same musical idea to multiple styles or aesthetics, and so creating new recordings became to hinge as much on how I wanted to present the material as on the material itself. This is one of the reasons I freely reuse old riffs and melodies, seeking to permutate them into as many different modes of expression as possible so I can fully explore what a given part has to offer. So, now for the first time I will be recording a CD again, but because I want to take it in a different direction. This should be fun.

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