Wednesday, March 6, 2013

23 Seconds ov Time, vol. 6

I recently received word that the bit of sound I submitted for 23 Seconds ov Time vol. 6: thee place where U R has been accepted. The 23 Seconds ov Time series combines musical snippets which are at most 23 seconds long into diverse, dada-ist works a la the Exquisite Corpse. Volume 6 will be exclusively composed of field recordings. The 23 seconds I contributed was submitted with the following description:

Project name: Misdreamt

Track Name: The Arrival

Location: Goat Farm Arts Complex, Atlanta, GA; next to the train tracks crossing the property, waiting to enter the venue where a live soundtrack performance for the silent film "Nosferatu" was about to take place in late October 2012.
The compilation is expected to be released by the Ides of March.

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